Windows Registry cleaners?

I want to clean up my registry files in Windows and am aware that there are an army of scams, fakes and trojans just waiting at the click of a google search.

I’ve looked and they all look dodgy to me, are there any that you use that are completely safe for me to use to make my computer run faster?



Registry cleaners don’t have any discernible benefit on computer performance, if you believe there will be a benefit, you could try using Ccleaner and it will also clean out temporary files.

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16 Responses to “Windows Registry cleaners?”

  • PC Technician says:

    Download Crap Cleaner this is what i and other Pc Techs use all the time. It deletes crap from your pc and fixes registry issues. Heres a link to some screen shots:

    download free from here :

    Sorted :)

  • Daniel G says:

    Registry cleaners don’t have any discernible benefit on computer performance, if you believe there will be a benefit, you could try using Ccleaner and it will also clean out temporary files.

  • zeek99dog says:

    ccleaner thats the safest get it at

  • Fast Fix says:

    There are two FREE all-in-one PC tune-up software should be able to sort out these registry problems (and much more) and get your system running quickly like it should.

    Here’s are the links:…

    Both are very effective and are definitly not scams, fakes or malicious in any way.

  • pappy12a says:

    Windows registry dose not need to be cleaned
    The files will delete on their own when no longer needed

    Clean the registry at your own risk .You could seriously mess it up if you remove the wrong things

  • mrwho says:

    there are 2 that come to mind that would help

    1.ntregopt actually rebuilds your registry from scratch after removing the empty spaces inbetween lines. it shrinks the registry making the computer run faster.

    2. cccleaner also would do wonders it looks for errors and fixes or removes them speeding up the machine.

    i use both on a regular basis and have no issues both of these are free so no need to fork out the cash.

    jjust type them into google and folow the links.

  • Charles says:

    try CCleaner, it’s free & does a great job, I have it & have no problem’s.:)

  • Kensuke says:

    Most secure way:
    Try looking for one that has its source code open to the public.
    If being open source isn’t enough, review the code yourself or have someone you trust do it.
    Compile the registry cleaner yourself to be safe.

    If no such thing exists, then find some guides and do it manually.
    You’ll probably find yourself writing your own registry cleaner afterwards. =)

  • D S says:

    Both of these are free and contain components that would optimize your PC performance:

    Glary Utilities –
    CCleaner –

  • Vulpix says:

    CCleaner by Piriform


    Glary Utilities (select download > scroll and select *other builds* for the slim version which comes without the toolbar)

    If you are not sure which registry entries are safe to delete, do your research as it is ridiculously easy to corrupt the registry and cause yourself more problems than if you simply left it alone.

    Before you touch it, do a complete registry backup – Regedit>File>Export and save to a location of your choice then ideally, set a system restore point. Just in case your registry gets very, very cross :)

    Apologies for the repetition. I didn’t read through the other answers before I posted and the person above has already mentioned my suggestions.

  • michael s says:

    Forget tune-up utilities……use these FREE programs…….

    The temp files cleaner gets rid of all the junk on your pc you don’t need…it free up 650MB worth of space for me….don’t be scared by the Black Bomb Icon….and when you run it the first time…in the options setting…uncheck cookies…..otherwise it will errase your log in cookies from your home page sign in………this is a remarkable FREE program and it works……

    Free window registry repair will show all errors in the registry and repair them…..all the so called good ones out there including CC Cleaner only clean 1/3 of the registry…….I use this to clean the whole registry……..I use it with CC Cleaner on a on going basis ……………don’t be surprised to find alot of errors the first time it scans….It found 1097 on mine the first time……now between both of these programs …….my computer is lightning fast once again…………..

  • Don says:

    microsoft has a free registry cleaner at

  • Stanely says:

    I use reginout

  • Bbbbweb says:

    Download CCleaner , which is not only a registry cleaner, but it can clean up Internet Files and other pieces of junk. Search it in Google.

  • Usa Sumer says:

    The Windows Registry is the master control center for your operating system and applications it runs. Corruption or overload registry issues can cause all sorts of pc performance problems, including poor application startup times, slow Windows start-up, extremely slow shut down, slow internet surfing,inability to resume from computer sleep and more.Cleaning,compacting, and optimizing your Windows registry can go a long way to dramatically speeding up your computer’s performance, start-up and shutdown speed.
    Recommended: Run a Registry Scan Now to Detect Errors and Improve your PC’s speed instantly!

  • Methew says:

    I would suggest you to download reginout