Are there any totally free registry scanner/fixers for PCs?

I find it hard to trust any of the so called registry cleaners. Most just scan free and then want to charge an annual fee to do the “cleaning-up”. I don’t know how to tell if what they ‘discover’ is factual.

I am running a 32 bit basic, home Vista system. Are registration errors a legitimate issue? Does Microsoft have a ‘fix’ if it is?
Thanks Steven D. So are you saying that the registry errors are legit, and Microsoft has nothing free to remedy, and this site you have referred me to is trustworthy? Sorry, but I am very skeptical of scanners that report problems that don’t really exist.


I use Registry Easy, it’s professional and qualified reg cleaner, 100% free scan, but it fix error is not free.

If you want to complete fix error and optimize, i suggest giev a try.

Downlat at

Good luck.

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